A look back to a more Classic Flavor

Yesterday we saw the community Q&A with the developers of World of Warcraft!  It was a little over an hour and made me think of some things.  With the current state of the MMO-Champion community forums at war with themselves over Classic, as well as Ion hinting that we will see a form of some Classic Vanilla patch standing in as the static patch (minus bug fixes I would expect).  With that it made me sit down and consider how things were back then as well as what I had myself gone through, and as such I’ll try to be doing this as a weekly spotlight on this site, a visit in history weekly.  Today I’ll go over my personal experiences with the release of the game when it came out thirteen years ago when I was playing on a DSL connection!

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CyanideJay – Goals Come to Life

I started playing World of Warcraft during Vanilla.  I played long, and entirely too much as it was a new format of gameplay for me.  I had played other MMO’s in the past, games like Ragnarok Online and Everquest.  But I hadn’t been so deeply invested as I found myself with WoW.  Be it that my wife was playing alongside me the entire time, or that the game has lasted to this point some 13 years later that I’m still playing.  I’ve tried to quit several times, but always coming back due to a lingering itch that would need to be scratched to get back into things, and each and every time, I find myself pulled back to some form of raiding.

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