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I started playing World of Warcraft during Vanilla.  I played long, and entirely too much as it was a new format of gameplay for me.  I had played other MMO’s in the past, games like Ragnarok Online and Everquest.  But I hadn’t been so deeply invested as I found myself with WoW.  Be it that my wife was playing alongside me the entire time, or that the game has lasted to this point some 13 years later that I’m still playing.  I’ve tried to quit several times, but always coming back due to a lingering itch that would need to be scratched to get back into things, and each and every time, I find myself pulled back to some form of raiding.

This time things are a bit different, I’ve had goals and markers to chase in the past, but this time, I have some very solid ones that I intend to make and hit before the end of the current expansion.  As time comes racing forward for the coming of “Battle For Azeroth” I find myself standing forward and chasing towards those very goals as I look over the requirements of being able to hit my goals properly.  Cleanly separating these down I’ll be looking over them as the site changes and morphs as well as talking about things that I find important and become interested in.  Today we’ll just be going over the goals that I see standing before me.  Right now I’ll be focusing on the format of one server, however, it is very likely these goals will become the template standing for two servers.  I play primarily Alliance at the moment as my main is a Protection Warrior in a guild that is waiting for Throne of Antorus eagerly.

Previously I had intended at one point long ago to have a full roster of a mess of characters, that has long since faded down to the roster listed on Turalyon which are all Alliance.  At the time of this posting they are the ones that I’ll be focusing on, however, I may extend to a few on Horde side if time permits realize that the goals come first in this!  Also, I’ll be working on making a goals page later down the line in order to fully track the progress of this, hoping to make things pretty dynamic and good looking, but for now you get text wall!

  1. One member of each class at level cap.
  2. Class Campaigns complete – Class Campaign, Broken Shore Campaign, and Argus Campaigns complete
  3. All characters in full ToA Normal Raid Gear (Note higher is better, but we’ll take normal for now)
  4. Mage tower for ALL artifact weapons complete (All 36 -> All classes and specs complete)
  5. All variations of artifact weapon appearance for Mage Tower unlocked as well
  6. Finish Glory of the …. Up to current.

Given that in that goal list, many of these are dependent upon other goals, and the completion of some can make finishing up others easier.  For instance, finishing up Antorus gearing on a character will make the completion of the Mage Tower that much easier as better gear means more damage as well as trivializing the difficult encounters as they are.

This is all so that when BfA does hit, my characters are ready, but I can feel accomplished that I have completed everything that stood as a roadblock on progress and I can feel that I’ve done all there is to do.

With goal number 1 the only thing lacking at the moment is my hunter, who I have been lazy about leveling to this point and he stands at level 74 looking like a bum hanging out in Northrend.  In regards to the second goal, other than the hunter who can’t even begin this progress, everything other than my priest has completed the Class Campaign as well as the Broken Shore.  Only my warrior has completed Argus to date, but now I know that I’ll need to finish the others moving forward, and that progress must be made in this marker.

In regards to the third goal, this can be a work in progress that I work on during the duration leading up to patch 8.0.  I’m pretty confident that patch 8.0 will remove the capability of completing steps 4 and 5 making it so that I can’t complete all my goals, as such I see 3 as a means to completing 4 and 5 that much easier and being able to perform higher on classes and specs that I’m not the most proficient in.

In regards to marker number 4 and 5, we’ll see the progression start once Antorus is over as at the moment I have a focus to complete unlocking all the Crucible talents on my protection warrior and then I can look into moving forward into the other goals.  Once that’s set I can start to look ahead.

Which brings me to goal number 6, to finish up the Glory achievements.  This means I need to complete them for Mists of Pandaria, as I never completed them for Throne of Thunder or for Seige of Orgrimmar.  After that, I move up to current, Legion as I had completed all of Warlords of Draenor’s Glory of the … while they were still current.

So now that I’ve talked about those goals, we can discuss what may become a goal number 7 depending on how the others go, but as I said that’s dependent upon progress in the others.  Which I’ll wait to pass judgment on when I see how things are working in 7.3.5 and when we have a better picture of 4, 5 and 6 moving forward.  Which would be to start progressing and unlocking all the Tier set appearances for all my characters as well.  We’ll take a gander at that later on however as I think we’ve laid the framework to move forward!

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